Comic 9 - From the years [XXXX] to 2016

2nd September 2016
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From the years [XXXX] to 2016
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ChickFlicks 2nd Sep 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
A lot of greats have been overtaken by time (natural causes) or disease. Over and over again, the memes and the tribute comics circulate. The loudest voices mourning all cry out, "2016 has taken so-and-so! 2016 has been an awful year!" In reality, of course, 2016 is the innocent victim. If it weren't 2016, it'd have been 2015, or 2017. People grow old. People get sick. People die. People we recognize die. People we also don't recognize, die. Plenty of talent and world changers died last year. Where was the outrage then? Is there a solution in crossing over to another realm and trekking the Faces of the Damned with a tracker that your friend disguised as Cuba Gooding Jr. found for you? Probably not. But damn if those memes aren't as annoying as I think they are.

Rest in peace, all of them (most recently Mr. Wilder).

The rest of us should go watch What Dreams May Come, and all the other movies that are referenced in this comic.