Comic 20 - Not in this Day and Age

28th September 2016
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Not in this Day and Age
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ChickFlicks 28th Sep 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
Blazing Saddles was nearly scrapped by Warner Bros. - it was just barely made, even in the 70s. As far as a proper gag comedy is concerned, they don't seem to be done anymore (the last one I can remember is Black Dynamite). Chances are great that, if Mr. Brooks tried to pitch the idea of Blazing Saddles today, it wouldn't be made on the simple grounds that the film is an equal opportunity offender. At least it would not supported by a mainstream studio, and that would be a shame. We could talk about those who are "easily offended" and the supposed "grit" that (some) people these days seem to lack, but we laugh at Blazing Saddles because its funny: that's all that matters.